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Fall of the Philippines

Battle Philippine Sea

Air War in the Pacific

Hara Kiri in Admiralities

Battle of Tarawa

Kamizaze Attacks

Manila Liberated

MacArthur Renews Vows to Return

MacArthur Returns

Manila Conquest 1945

Landings at Okinawa

Marines Raise Flag

On to Iwo Jima

Philippine Independence

Atomic Bomb Damage Japan

Japan Surrenders

Victorious Generals

Sea Queen Welcomed

World War II Heroes

Bataan Death March

WWII Navy Film

World War II Pacific

P-39 Cockpit Camera

Leonard Burns US Navy

Closing on Japan

Battle of Midway


Rout Jap Naval Force

Santo Tomas POW's Freed

Ligayen & Manila Drive

MacArthur in Battle

Closing on Manila

Sands of Iwo Jima

Truman Urges Japan Surrender


USS Lagarto Dive


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