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2nd Observation Squadron

6th Infantry Division

6th Night Fighter Squadron

8th Fighter Group

19th Bomber Group

22nd Bomb Group

23rd Bomber Sq, 5th Bomber Group

24th Infantry Division

25th Infantry Division History

25th Infantry Division

27th Bomb Group

28th Bomber Squadron

31st Infantry Regiment

32nd Infantry Division

32nd Infantry Division

35th Fighter (Pursuit) Squadron

35th Infantry Regiment

36th Fighter (Pursuit) Squadron

37th Infantry Division

38th Bomb Group

38th Infantry Division 1

38th Infantry Division 2

40th Fighter (Pursuit) Group

40th Infantry Division

41st Infantry Division

42nd Bomb Group

43rd Bomb Group

43rd Infantry Division

49th Fighter Group

58th Fighter Group

80th Fighter (Pursuit) Squadron

90th Bomb Group

164th Infantry Regiment, Americal Division

319th Bombardment Group

345th Bombardment Group

380th Bombardment Group H

475th Fighter Group

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